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Fostering with PACK

Fostering an animal is a very rewarding experience. Through your generosity and kindness, an animal in need will have the opportunity to find a loving and safe forever family. 


All foster expenses are covered by PACK and we're happy to guide you through the fostering process and answer any questions you have — all you need to do is provide the home and the love.

Currently, we are accepting fosters within about 3-4 hours drive of Staunton, VA.


If you're interested in providing hope to animals in need, please apply today!

Have questions about fostering?

Ready to start saving lives?

Frequently Asked Questions

Would I be able to choose a foster pet that was compatible with my lifestyle and household dynamic?

Yes, fosters are able to choose their foster pets based on what will work best for them. We try our best to know as much about the pets' personalities and behaviors as possible prior to their arrival, but usually the information we have is limited. Flexibility when it comes to choosing your foster can greatly increase the chances of finding one that will fit your situation.

If the pet is not acclimating well in my home after a reasonable period of adjustment, what are my options?

Another foster can potentially take the pet or they can be placed in boarding until another foster home or adopter home can be found. However, we try to avoid moving fosters unless absolutely necessary.

If I could only foster for a limited period of time, would there still be a need for my services?

Yes! Foster dogs are typically just a 2-8 week commitment. If you have plans coming up that would prevent you from fostering, just give us a heads up and we can plan a way for you to save dogs in the meantime.

Can I foster if I have to work and the pet would need to be crated for 8 hours or so?

Yes! We understand that people have jobs that require them to be away from the home for up to 8-9 hours. We can work with you to ensure your foster dog would be okay during this time.

How would my foster expenses be reimbursed?

All supplies you'll need will be provided when you pick up the foster pet. Vet expenses will be paid directly by PACK at the time of the appointment. Any additional costs can be reimbursed by check.

Could I adopt the pet I’m fostering if I become attached?

Approved fosters are already approved to adopt with PACK and it is possible to adopt your foster pet if you fall in love with them. However, for fairness towards our applicants, this can only be done if they are no applications for your foster at the time you express interest in adopting.

What types of animal can I foster?

Cats and dogs of any breed or age are able to be fostered with PACK.

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